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If offering a service is up your ally, check out my post on 22 freelance services you can offer as a stay at home mom. Finally, if you want to do ads on your blog, the first thing that you need to work on is gaining traffic. This is what will help you become a successful blogger.

Freelance Write One of the best stay at home mom jobs is a service you can offer like writing! Yes, you can get paid to blog! I have several clients that pay me to write blog posts. This is a profitable business for sure! What do you need to start freelance writing? For more information, check out my other blog – Elna Cain! 3.

6. Be a Coach There are many stay at home mom jobs where you can use your coaching style. While you would do good with having a certification as a coach for a certain topic, it is possible to become a coach based on what you are doing successful. Caitlin Pyle is a mom and online proofreader.

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My friend creates pre-curated crates (and create your own crate) for a variety of people that live in Canada. She runs her business out of her home and her husband helps her by making the unique wood-carved crates that these Canadian and local products come in. One thing you might be thinking is how to get vendors so that you can fill up your crates? This is where you need time to participate in gift fairs and meet ups with local businesses.

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For information about increasing your sales with a subscription box business, check out this guide. Offline Stay at Home Mom Jobs While there are many more types of stay at home mom jobs online, I want to also include some offline stay at home mom jobs. These don’t need the Internet, but to set up some of these gigs you do need the time.

Become a Professional Organizer Want to know a secret? I’m horrible with organizing! I really am. I say I’m bad with time management, but really, that’s a nice way to say that it’s because of the clutter and disorganization that I suffer from poor time management! Twins come with a lot of stuff mamas! It’s never ending! That’s why I watch Youtube videos on organizing! One organizing mama I follow did organizing at home for clients and then started a You, Tube channel and shared her best tips.

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Now, she has a book out and and her brand is growing every day! So, if you are great at organizing you can organize other people’s homes! 9. Clean Houses I know when I had my twins, the last thing I wanted to do was clean my home! I was fortunate that my sister paid for a cleaning service for the first six months after I gave birth.

Offer Childcare Services Raise your had if you babysat as a teen? I did, I did! Well, if you are a stay at home mom, why not offer some childcare services? Your neighbor or a friend’s friend might need some childcare after maternity leave. Your child may be in school already or taking care of two poses no problem for you! Before I started a blog, I seriously was thinking of starting my own daycare business.

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Be an Event Organizer for Moms My twins’ birthday is soon approaching and I was immediately overwhelmed by all the ideas I had. I would search on Pinterest for party themes and get flooded with tons of pins and ideas. Or, I ended up down a rabbit hole looking at blog post after blog post on creating printables, downloading templates and so much more.

This stay at home mom job is something you can do mama! 12. Sell Your Breast Milk When I had my twins I was determined to breast feed. But, it took me days for my milk to come in and when I was producing breast milk, I wasn’t producing enough for my twins.

I’m glad I was able to supplement my breast milk with donor milk, but had to eventually supplement my breast milk with formula as the cost for donor milk was high. But, you can be on the other end of that mama! You can sell your breast milk for around $60 a day.

Various types of pens for different types of lettering, a printer, a scanner, computer, and an optional drawing pad (like an i, Pad with something like Procreate). There are a lot of places online where you can sell handwritten fonts. Two of the most popular are Creative Market and Etsy.

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